Thermography is particularly useful for young women where current breast screening methods are less effective and for women who choose not to have a mammogram. Thermography will detect inflammatory breast cancer, which current breast screening methods cannot. Breast thermography is a non-invasive screening test. There is minimal contact with the body, only a probe and uses no radiation. Thermograms are much like detecting a “fever” in the breast, which can be due to cancer, fibrocystic disease, an infection or a vascular disease. Breast thermography can aid in early detection the and monitoring of abnormal physiology, including breast cancer. X-ray mammograms, on the other hand, may locate an abnormal area, but it must be large enough or distinct enough to be visible. By that time, the tumor is much larger and well-established. Breast thermography does not replace x-rays. Rather, the two are considered complementary to each other.